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Barbell Rack

IT7027 barbell rack is a storage rack specially placed for barbells. The four-foot support is more stable, and the tapered design can better prevent tipping. The length and width are moderate, suitable for all sizes of barbells and do not occupy too much area. The limit hook is treated with a special process to prevent rust and protect the main frame from abrasion. IT7 strength training series as the current product line of Impulse with a long history still holds a place in the field of commercial fitness and even home fitness after years of market verification. Its simple shape and design stand out in the gym, simple and clear, allowing users to operate easily. The whole series adopts a thick steel frame structure composed of double oval tubes, the equipment is more solid and stable, and the whole series is equipped with rubber feet to meet the needs of protecting the ground in any venue. After years of improvement of the IT7 series by Impulse and its suitable price, with its flash silver color scheme, the IT7 series can blend well into any environment. IT7 series of products, from training racks to benches with various functions to storage racks to accessories, can basically meet your various needs for free weight training.

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