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Double Half Rack

HSP professional physical training equipment is a perfect solution of multiple and customized functional training needs. It is designed to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, agility and dynamic balance. It can meet different requirements of professional athletes, sports teams, physical training center and big commercial gyms. TPU material safety bumper can protect Olympic bar from damage and reduce noise, as well as to secure training safety. The bench locking accessory can be fixed to the locking points and make sure the bench is in the center to secure its stability. Optional 76.2mm training platform has two sized of 6ft*8ft and 8ft*8ft to fit different environments. Hardwood surface is anti-slippery so that higher friction can keep providing stable support. Thick rubber mat can absorb the impact to reduce noise and protect the floor. HSPR03 is a comprehensive strength training rack developed for sports performance demand trainers and professional training centre. The back-to-back double-opening training rack creates two training positions after adding a small amount of space to the half-frame strength rack, which can efficiently use the venue to meet the professional training of more trainers without interference. We use higher specifications of tubes and more stable structural design, and the integrated underframe ensures the stability of the combination of the two semi-open power frames. HSPR provides a variety of configuration options, making your training types more abundant. At the same time, the modular combination is adopted, and each equipment can be continuously upgraded according to your training needs after installation. 5 pairs of barbell storage bars’ location design is easy to pick and place, so that the barbell can be easily accessed and adjusted, and the slightly inclined storage bars make storage safer. The integrated Olympic pole storage rack and hook can easily store training tools such as Olympic poles, elastic bands and chains. The high-spec adjustment tube can support a larger training weight. The wide J-hook and TPU-wrapped safety bar can fully meet the loading and unloading of the Olympic bar, and ensure the safety of training, and carry out sufficient shock and noise reduction to optimize the training experience. 3 pairs of rotatable elastic band fixed points adjust the length according to the training action and reduce the friction between the elastic band and the rod, so that the training is smoother.