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factory Outlets for Recumbent Touring Bike - Treadmill – IMPULSE

AC2990 treadmill features integrated frame running platform structure and modern console which designed with stable appearance, strong core and smooth practical operation. It increased the practical but also catering to the needs of fashionable element. AC2990 treadmill has been designed to convey graceful and dynamic. As the entry-level commercial treadmill series of Impulse, the AC series has become Impulse's strong and durable classic after the precipitation of time and the test of thousands of customers. In 2019, in order to meet the increasingly mature fitness market demand, the product structure stability and appearance have been boldly improved and enhanced on the basis of stable electrical performance, hoping that the new product will continue to be a classic work with stronger appearance and quality. The product adopts 3D inclined column design, which perfectly integrates the linear angle with the surface angle to ensure the stability and beauty of the product. The grooved PVC side design provides better friction performance and ensures safe movement. The inclined heart rate grip and the TPU-covered armrest design provide a more comfortable grip and more ergonomics while ensuring the product's concise and tough style. Equipped with functional console to meet a variety of sports needs, the shark gill-shaped heat dissipation design provides better heat dissipation and product appearance, ensuring that the product obtains better safety performance. It also has a large-size IPAD rack and a double cup holder design to fully meet the needs of daily training. The effective running area of ​​560mmx1524mm provides more extensive running space, enjoy the unrestrained running experience, allowing runners to run at will. Considering the safety of the product, emergency switches, side bars, running belts-safety warnings and eye-catching red safety switches, yellow side bars and printed running belts can fully protect the safety of users and avoid accidents during running.