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HSP-PRO001 air resistance dual-arm functional trainer adopts 5 LED window design, which can accurately display resistance value, training times (two windows), peak power percentage each time, peak power parameters, so that trainers can always grasp training information and arrange training scientifically plan. With dual training arms, the joint end of the steel cable can rotate 360°, and it can rotate with the direction of the trainer’s force, ensuring that the comfort of the force and the demand for force change during the training process are met, and it can also protect the equipment and the steel cable has the effect of prolonging the service life. According to the height of the trainer and the different training movements, the training arm can be adjusted at 180° in the coronal plane (up and down) in 13 levels; the horizontal plane of both arms (front and back) at 90°, adjusted in 7 levels, which can meet all heights and training types. You can also expand a variety of accessories, such as double pull handles, ankle straps, training sticks, training belts, thigh straps, triceps training ropes, etc., to coordinate training with a variety of special functional training. Air resistance training equipment is necessary in today's top professional fitness training and explosive force training equipment, based on professional competitive market, our company combined with 27 years of strength series product development experience, after three years of research and development, introduced the HSP - PRO001 Air Resistance Dual-Arm Functional Trainer to make up the blank of domestic products in this area. At present, competitive sports are popular all over the world, and tens of thousands of sports fans are constantly participating in their favorite competitive sports. This gave birth to the training concept of physical training, sports performance training and sports rehabilitation. In this field, air resistance strength equipment is widely used. You will find air resistance strength training equipment in the NBA/NFL and various top league competition centers. In this field, a combination of strength and speed training is required, and traditional iron counterweight strength equipment cannot satisfy the combination of strength and speed training. Impulse intends to transport strength equipment that could only be used in top competitions in the past to the mass fitness field, and construct safer strength training equipment, so that mass fitness enthusiasts who love sports can also carry out training that combines speed and strength, fully explore the potential of mass fitness, and allow trainers to create a more powerful body model, which is also what mass fitness enthusiasts need.

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