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The EXOFORM strength product series provide pure commercial strength products with top design and professional functions at a very advantageous price. The uniaxial structure can more fully and effectively exercise the target muscle groups; the aluminum casting handle reflects the high-end taste of the Exoform series; the adjustable thigh pad can meet the needs of people of different heights, ensure the stability of the body, and fully contract the back muscles. The cushion adjustment adopts a three-linkage design to make it smoother. Independent handles and ergonomically shaped handles provide a better feel; the annotation marks the grip posture to guide the correct posture EXOFORM is a range of commercial strength equipment that has competitive price and brings organizational customer top design with professional functions. EXOFORM represents the new top-level of domestic strength equipment, combining stunning looks with hard-core style and noticeable strength results, which is also the way to overturn the traditional user experience. Pin selectorized equipment for mainly working out pectoralis major and triceps brachii muscle. The trainer can work out chest and arms effectively by pushing the handle after choosing appropriate weight. The upright tubes are with special tube at size 72.8×141.7×3mm, and the functional part with race track tube at size 40×133×3mm tubes applies double powder-coated& painting process which ensure high-quality and ultra durability. Build-in console, which is well designed by American UI team, displays reps and time. With spiral spring assistance system, the new designed 3-linkage seat adjustment is concise, cost-saving and offers easy installment. Ergonomically designed upholstery is with PU foam which offers comfort and safety protection. Belt and cable driving system are both applied. Self-lubricate American Loss cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fibers ensures service life 300,000 times. The belt is with steel wire embedded which ensures ultra durability and long lifetime. Flat cochlear coil spring power is assemble simply, low cost, easy to use, and more concise appearance design. A variety of training positions are specially designed to meet a variety of exercise needs. Ergonomically designed handle bars made with TPU material and aluminum grip ring, and All the exposed hardware parts are nickel plated or stainless steel. The concise design offers comfort and safety. All dynamic components are shielded for safety purpose. Friendly designed iPad and bottle holders are separated to meet various requirements. Let ExoForm define your health club.