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Leg Curl

HSP professional physical training equipment is a perfect solution of multiple and customized functional training needs. It can meet different requirements of professional athletes, sports teams, physical training center and big commercial gyms. The HSP7053 Leg Curl professional physical training machine are developed around the professional physical training needs of professional competitive sports and military physical training. Impulse is fully investigating the international advanced physical training methods and concepts, combined with the product configuration plan of the international physical fitness center. The physical training equipment is built around the physical training concept with strength, endurance, speed, explosive power, agility and dynamic balance as the core. HSP7053 physical training product’s leg fixed pads are adjustable in six levels, which can fully meet the needs of different people. The pads are filled with high-density pads to give a stable effect and maximum comfort during exercise. The large-scale pedal design provides foot support during training and enhances the training effect. The front transport handles of the training bench and the rear double transport wheels are designed for easy movement. The elastic band fixed position design is convenient to increase the elastic band to assist training. HSP7053 is the exclusive product for the back chain muscle group; Impulse invites professional teams in the field of physical fitness and bodybuilding to repeatedly optimize the product design, so that it has the most ergonomic movement track and can fully contract the target muscle groups during use to provide users with a safe and effective training experience.