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Fitness Goddess became Impulse’s first Product Experience Officer

The China Sport Show is the only national level, internationalized, and professional sporting goods exhibition in China. It is currently the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the Asia-Pacific region and an important window for Chinese sports brands to show their strength to the world.

Fitness Goddess

As a “frequent customer” of the Expo, Impulse exhibited many star products this year, including HSR007 Ski&Row Training Machine, HI-ULTRA Air Resistant Functional Training Machine, AC4000 Commercial Electric Treadmill and other intelligent fitness equipment. The appearance continues the simple, fashionable and atmospheric design style of Impulse. The interesting experience of its intelligent fitness is also eye-catching, which can stimulate more passion for sports and attract many visitors to watch and experience. There is also a rowing competition on site, not only with exquisite gifts, but also allowing the participating audiences to more intuitively experience the professionalism of the HSR007 Ski&Row machine and the ergonomic design of Impulse.

Impulse Fitness

On the morning of May 19th, “Fitness Goddess” – Ruiying Bian, also came to the booth of Impulse at the World Sports Expo and held the signing ceremony with Impulse. She became the first “product experience officer” of Impulse and won the sponsorship of the full set of training equipment of Impulse.

Impulse Fitness Goddess

Ruiying Bian, who comes from suzhou, China, is called the combination of strength and beauty by the bodybuilding group, the goal and role model of many bodybuilding people, and the real goddess in the eyes of bodybuilding lovers. In 2020, Ruiying Bian became the first Chinese female athlete to compete in Arnold Pro. In the professional sports arena, Ruiying Bian’s spirit of hard work and continuous struggle has left a deep impression on the public, which is similar to the brand image and concept of Impulse’s ingenuity, manufacturing and innovation.

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