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Power rack

The Impulse SE5002 Power Rack is able to be connected left or right and extended infinitely, along with optional storage cart, help users to achieve their training goals by all in one combination. It also improves utilization of space. The Impulse Sterling Elite series is perfect for heavy-user facilities; it not only can help user with training base to go to the next level, but also helps athletes achieve the results they seek in ways of more professional, more functional and customizable. By connecting attachments, users can complete a variety of training movements and target muscle training, such as Pivot Swing, Pivot Alternate Arms Plank, Pivot Rotated Press, Standing Chop, Kneeling Chop, Rotated Lifting, Side Pulling, Plank Row, Side Fly, Abdominal Crunch, Pivot Lunge Press, Smith Seated Bench Press, Smith Incline Press, Bent-over Row, Squat, Deadlift. As a professional level training equipment, Impulse Sterling Elite series use 76.2mm square tube with 4.5mm thickness to achieve a maximum training weight of 900lbs. At the same time, Impulse upgrades the storage bars from PVC to stainless steel, which is more high-end and ensures rust protection and service life, and the slightly inclined storage bars also ensure the stability of weight plate storage. The ABS safety bar is updated to TPU material, which greatly extends the service life due to its wear resistance, and the TPU has better vibration absorption also provides a better use experience. Moreover, there are 15/16 adjustable height positions (535mm-2057mm/495mm-2018mm from the ground) for J hooks and safety bumpers. A rich variety of functionality and professional optional accessories provide numerous training opportunities for a wide range of exercisers and also allow training stadium to collect easily in the idle condition. The platform is 50 millimeters thick, which is made by hardwood floor plus rubber mate, and fixed with all metal frames to ensure that the platform is firm and reliable.

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