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SL7046 LATERAL SUPER Chest Press

Model SL7046
Product Name LATERAL SUPER Chest Press
Serise SL
Certification EN957
Max User Weight 150kg
Applicable Height Range 155cm-195cm
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Multi-function
Maximum load 300kg
Targeted Muscle Anterior Deltoid Fascicles,Pectoral, Triceps
Targeted Body Part Chest
Tube Specification - Function Part φ76.2*2.5、J50*100*2.5 J50.8*76.2*2.5
Tube Specification - Connection Part J50*100*2.5                                 J25*50*2.5
Tube Specification - Bottom Part J50*100*2.5
Tube Specification - Regulating Tube Part J50*2(201)
Tube Specification - Handle Tube Part φ32*3.0、φ25.2*2.5、φ19*1.5
Color Flash Black+Red
Toner BG128+BIC0067
Upholstery Stitching Red + Single stitches
Upholstery Stuffing Polymer
Plastic Color Black
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Instruction QR Code N/A
Seat adjustment Elastic Bolt
Seat adjustment range 202mm
Back Cushion Adjustment Elastic Bolt Regulating Tube
Back Cushion Adjustment Range 45°(decline-15°,Flat0°,incline30°)
Foam Adjustment Elastic Bolt Regulating Plate
Foam Adjustment Range 49°(7°1Level,43°-92°)
Thickness of Back Cushion 70mm
Leg Cushion Specification φ140*182
Handle Bar Type Circular Tube Handle
Handle Bar Cover TPV
Standardized Parts Medium Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel(8.8 grade、Zinc Plating-black)
Main Bearing GB2766206-2ZC3
Pedal Assistor N/A
Barbell Plate Storage Bar 2
Barbell Bar Diameter φ50
Maximum Storage Weight of Single Barbell Plate Storage Bar 100kg
Product Dimension 2502*2179*1136
Net Weight 147.5
Gross Weight 169
Number of Packages 2
Packaged Form Carton
Package Size and Weight SL7046ZJ-WXBOX1 1870*910*330                        88kg                                                                   SL7046KB-WXBOX1                  1155*700*410                            81kg

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