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AC4000 treadmill features integrated frame running platform structure and modern console which designed with stable appearance, strong core and smooth practical operation. It increased the practical but also catering to the needs of fashionable element. AC4000 treadmill has been designed to convey graceful and dynamic. The 18.5-inch large console created by the new design language featured with convenient operation and entertainment functions. The 60 degrees titled panel provides the best viewing Angle and comfortable experience. Integrated with3 storage spaces and 1 magazine rack, bring you a more user-friendly experience. At the same time, it is equipped with a USB port, which can be used for continuous charging of mobile devices, increasing the fun of training. 50×185×2.5mm oversized column is adopted to ensure the stability of the console during movement, when the speed reaches 20km/h, the vibration amplitude is still less than 0.015mm. 545mm running zone width, provide more extensive running space, enjoy the unrestrained running experience. The fully enclosed design using 50.8×152.4mm tube to surround the deck makes the AC4000 stronger and more stable. The motor cover adopts a flat design to make it more integrated with the frame of the running platform and more concise and hardcore in appearance. On this basis, the column cover is added and the lower end of the column is wrapped in the motor cover to make the column and running platform perfectly integrated. Detachable column cover can increase the container loading quantity, which means the transportation costs can be greatly reduced. Considering the safety of the product, the manufacturing process of the edge strip is upgraded from PVC extrusion to ABS injection molding, which increased the friction coefficient and enhanced the anti-slip performance. Grooved PU foam type handrail design provides a more comfortable grab feel, easier to hold steadily.