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Ultra Bike

HB005 air bike is a member of HI-ULTRA family which is specifically designed fitness equipment, catering to users looking for professional HIIT training. It has come back in fashion with features of high watt power outputs and ease of use. It also enables user to do compound training which involving multi-joints. Thanks to Crossfit that often incorporate it as a way to improve metabolic conditioning. The HI-ULTRA is a professional high-intensity intermittent training equipment series specially developed by our company for HIIT sports demands. Adhering to the training concept of HIIT, HI-ULTRA helps trainers to achieve efficient, extreme cardio respiratory ability and impact speed, so as to acquire explosive running ability and cardio respiratory endurance. Ultra Bike has upper limbs training, lower limbs training and whole body training three training methods. It helps to improve your body coordination and meets training demands of various people. The resistance of HB005 Ultra Bike is controlled by the user rather than the machine. The user can autonomously control the intensity of the exercise (The faster the push, pull, and ride, the greater the resistance to overcome). The number of blades is 30%-50% more than common Ultra Bike, which helps you produce wider range of watt power comparing to another fan bike at the same RPM, enables users to look for a higher physical challenge. Equipped with digital console with rich functions´╝Ü 3 target modes, 2 intermittent modes, heart rate monitoring system. 26 ABS blades molded into one piece which makes it stabilizer and more quiet than traditional steel blades in using condition. PVC-covered pedal synchronization handle provides a steady point of motion to ensure safe movement and a comfortable grab feel. PU foaming seat is designed in accordance with ergonomics to ensure the smooth output of exercise and make the trainers get more comfortable sports experience. Double-sided aluminum alloy foot can meet the needs of trainers with different intensity (professional cycling shoes can be fixed). Users can build a flexible and comprehensive training zone by HB005 Ultra Bike along with Ski&Row and H-Zone, which allows users to get a efficient indoor workout. HB005 Ultra bike is versatile, easy to move and wireless design, which helps to accommodate various training environments, such as fitness clubs, small fitness studios as well as private home gyms.

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